Life In The South Side

welcum to my blog… in Chennai here is pretty hawttt…it feels like all the heat in the world was dumped together in this city. Despite the heat, ever since i came here last year, the people have been nothing but kind to me. I have to say, their hearts are bigger than it seems. With such a blazing heat you’d wonder how people have time to have patience and kindness but they do and i admire them alot for that.

Compared to other cities in India, the people in this city live a simple life. The changing trends does not influence their fashion, they remain as they are, clad up in simple salwars and sarees like an Indian woman should.

This state is also known for its high focus on studies, most of the people you come across will be engineers and they work hard for it! But, the sad truth is that they are not given career paths to choose, keeping their interests aside, they live up to what the society looks up to. Discussing with some of  my friends today about this, and they are very saddened about this fact. I wish the state would do more to encourage youngsters to follow career paths of their interests.

Well, leaving all that aside, thank you Chennaiates for the good time here!562452_643325829017072_1762134528_n


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