A Love Letter To My Mom

ImageDear Anu,

Im sorry I never thanked you enough for staying up with me when I was sick, for cooking for me when I came home from school, for making sure I slept well. I want to thank you for caring over every step I took; for tending to my often bruised knees and wiping away each tear.

I want to thank you for the special foods you used to cook on Sabbath, for helping me with my homework and being patient with me when all I wanted to do was watch cartoon all day.

I know you were too young to be a mom when you had my brother, but you should know that you are the best mom ever, the best.  Though we will never be as good as you, we’ll try our best to live up to your prayers.

I still remember coming to your office everyday after school to let you know what happened through the day and you’d listen with a wide smile on your face. When I got the highest grade in class, you were too scared id get proud, you dint want to praise me but just held my hands to thank God for it. I still remember when I sang in school and went on a wrong note and you held me tight as I cried all the way home, ure arms were the best comfort.

I still remember sleeping with you in bed as you held me tight and told daddy, “Im so scared Kimi wouldn’t have been born, she’s my special child”, I had never felt so happy in my whole life. I remember when you met that fateful accident with Au Tluanga, you never gave up and you never complained. God helped you to walk again and gave us a mom to love us, for five more years, just five.

I remember too clearly the day grandpa came in the house and said out loud, “Nunmawii thok a top ta”(Nunmawii has breath her last.) It was the first time in my life I realized that nightmares can come true. Sitting in front of the white table where your lifeless body was to be laid, it was hard to understand, hard to believe how you left home with a smile but were coming back lifeless and cold.

Though we cried and we wept then, each day I understand more than I did before, the impact of your death on our lives. Each day I wish you were here, I never forget that warm smile. And I know its been a long time but I still miss you everyday, and though you lay beneath the ground, you’re still my mom always and forever.

Love u always,

Ure Special Child

I know this is a day you should be celebrating and Im writing a sad note here to read, but I write this not only for my mom but for each and every child out there who has a mom that’s alive and well. Treasure each moment with her, let her know that she’s special, there are very few in this world who’ll love you more than her. Happy Mothers Day!


2 thoughts on “A Love Letter To My Mom

  1. sangi vangchhia says:

    Kimi, i va ziak thiam ve, i nu hi ka ngai thin lutuk, i lehkha thawn hi ka chhiar a, ka mittui a tla a, zan a rei tawh a, ka mut a chhuak hle a, mahse hei ka han comment lawk duh a, USA a an lo zin khan rei lo te, i u Tekawnga leh Tesena te kha a kawm thin a, mikhual hi kan nei tam ve hle a, chuvang chuan tumah an attached ngai lo a, mahse i nu kha an theihnghilh ngai miah lo a, i nu a boral khan ka han hrilh chuan pawi an tih zia chu, rei deuh hnuah pawh amah kha an la theihnghilh miah lo a, ” When she visited us here, she used to tell us story” an ti a, mak ka ti khop mai.I nu kha chu special tak a ni a, amah ui lo hi tumah ka la hmu lo.a ngaihom em em a ni.

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