The Hard Truth

The 21st century

Where forever ends in seconds

Where love is just another word

Where religion is a status to be liked

Where the use of hearts have been forgotten


Its that age where how you look matters more than how you think

Where phone calls have given way to the internet as the means of communication

Letting it control the way we think, eat and live

Where hate is so common, you have to be surprised when you see love

Where your degree says more than your actual knowledge


It’s a world where relationships don’t exist

If they do, its for one reason – the people involved are too lazy to end it

Where wife and husbands who were once considered lifelong partners

Have become a stop along the way of finding many more partners


Do you hate this world? Everybody does

But everyone lives by its rules

None willing to change

None willing to accept

That they are all to familiar and to used to, to let go

Of what we like to call is the way of life – of the 21st century.


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