The Power of A Writer

(this is dedicated to all those who love to pour their thoughts on  paper)

I need not be a scientist

To discover great things

I discover new words everyday

I need not be a doctor to heal wounds

I heal hearts with my words

Give me a paper, give me a pen

And I’ll give you a poem, a story to enthrall

Introduce you to worlds you’ve never seen

Not by sight

But the powerful imagination of the mind


A writer feels, he does not see

He does not just write; he composes

His hands pour out his heart on paper

And each time they work together – heart, mind and hand

To bring some sense to the busy world with words that soothe the soul


A writer is an artist, painting ordinary words to life with panache

He is the element that reminds the rest of the universe

The purpose for which they reside where they do


A writer is the element of all things

He is the source that gives life to the other paths of life

He is the guider of your thoughts.



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