A Trans’ World

p.s: This piece is written in focus of the transgenders in India who collect money in trains for a living.

Trapped in bodies they don’t belong

Treated as un-normal beings

They long to feel at home

In a world they were born in; yet shut out from.

Looked upon as miniatures, clowns;

Smirks and frowns are their daily friends.

They have hands and feet – a body that functions perfectly

Yet they beg to live

Because the world is too small to fit them in.

What had they done wrong, are their lives a path they had chosen?

Wouldn’t they have, chosen to live as normal and accepted as everyone else, if they could?

Yet knowing this, we despise, and we hate, and we laugh away

Because that’s just what we were born to do – discriminate and judge

Like we are the good ones here.

The good ones who shun them from their livelihood, because we are too selfish to spare a rupee for the people we’ve left homeless

Yes, the people WE have left homeless – All because we are too scared to adapt to the new unless it has to do with technology

So, keep your money in your pockets and your hurting eyes to rest

Because all they need can be summed up in one word

“Acceptance” from a millions selfish hearts.



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