That One Moment

And then those memories hit you

Like thunder rumbling in a plain, quiet field

It floods your brain

Remembering the way the air felt, that smile, that walk, that tree, that empty lane in front of u, those kids playing in the grass, your hair swaying in the wind as you stare into those deep, dark eyes

And all stands still where you are

You forget the crowds, the noisy trains, the shouting vendors, the gazing eyes around you

Your mind transfixed on that one moment in time

Brining that searing pain back right where it hurt the most

And no matter how hard you try,

They’ll always come back, these moments u wish to bury deep down

Hitting you at the most unexpected times

Making you lose urself, ure mind, ure heart – all over again

Just lost in those few minutes

U wish u could re-live again.



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