22 Reasons TO Love Being Twenty-Two!!

  1. Number 1 because –                                        
  1. We dont know wer we’re going but know that we stil have time to decide for all tat

3.  Theres no limit to falling in and out of love, meeting the wrong guys, having bad dates n awesome memories of it all
because its always  –                                                

4.   Ure bestfriends are as crazy as u are – no plans, no kids, no limit to fun

5. Ure legal …ahem2

6. Uve more or less discovered the style ure comfortable with and is happy in ure body ( teen insecure traumas – goodbye)

7. Ure the same age as fun n fabulous people like


and this

8. Ure enjoying your independency…coz its still so fresh

9. u have all the energy to travel, hike and dive (even if not much of money)

10.theres a song written exclusively about your age

11. This quote is talking to u

12. Barney wants to date people ure age even wen he’s 80 (that means ure the ideal picture of hot ladies)

13. if u have older siblings, ure the aunt of abborable kids like this

14. Good music, a snug bed n buzzfeed/tumbler can keep u entertained all day long

15. If u want to sudy some more…uve still got ta tym n if u dont want to, u can just work away

16. Because you can rap and not look silly

17. Also, you’re hot and you know it

18. Dancing to the grooves is your thing n u can go on for hours coz u have the energy

19. because you can do this –

like a boss!

20. Wen ppl ask u ure age, u can answer like this

21. And like this –

22. Because you have twenty-one reasons to love being 22!

Don’t stop living 😉





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