I believe there is a day when freedom will be in the lips of every Tibetan
I believe that one day the people of Myanmar will live as one  in their country
I believe that the people of Iraq will have a day they will not live in fear
I believe there will be a day when racism is wiped out not only from the laws
But from each of our minds
I believe all the beggars in this world need our love not just our coins
I believe that every orphan deserves a better name
Than we give them
I believe that money is ruining our hearts
And that men of God who live for a higher purpose 
Have the happiest hearts of us all
I believe in love 
I believe that every one deserves a second chance
I believe that each one of us in this world have good in us
Even the most violent of men have a heart
And just need to feel some love
I believe that we all need love
Then why don’t we love?
I believe that each hungry child deserves to eat more than we throw
I believe that we should love not only our neighbors
But even those on the street
I believe that all the people who haven’t been given the chance to dream
Deserve to live their dream
i believe God will hardly have time to smile
Taking care of people like us
And we ought to give him a break
Atleast a day would do Him well
I believe that if you search ur heart
U will see u are better than u think u are
N its not him or her
But you and i
Who can be a blessing to someone today
Who can give a hungry child some food
Who can hug someone who’s lonely
Who can share a penny to someone who needs it
Who can pray and show some love to the broken
Who can start erasing racism by starting with our minds
Its you and i
Who can change the world today.


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