Actions Speak Louder than Your Sweet Talks


Politics, relationships or the workplace, everything revolves around the fact that “actions speak louder than words”. The promises of forever love, awesome healthcare or promotions all lead to one thing, how well is it shown?

The Philippines is going through a calamity, thousands are dying and they’ve lost everything.

They are homeless, hungry and fighting for food. They need clean water, a roof above their heads and hearts to reach out to them knowing that they’re not alone.

They are all over the news, we look at the pictures, we read about them with a sigh. Hearts are sad, we talk about them during our coffee breaks, during family dinners and on the streets.

We share news of them in our social media accounts, yes, we are all sad.

But is that enough? The sighs, pity talks and share buttons are not filling their stomachs or keeping them warm. Its times like these that show where your heart is.

The prayers u send up every now and then, the little donations you make out of the little you have is action doing what your heart is feeling.

Your heart full of love for these people?

Take Action!

Click on –;jsessionid=6567FE8838700712A5C7325B5C0F13DA.app261a?idb=1237175804&df_id=2141&2141.donation=form1&2141_donation=form1;jsessionid=2CD9543CBE3B6E4C03A8CD3684144DFC.app263a?df_id=4011&4011.donation=form1

And pray on. Remembering that anyday, anyone of us could be these people. Hungry, homeless and lost. Searching for humanity. Waiting for help from the rest of the world. Waiting for you.Image


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