Imagine a World…..


Imagine a world with no words

Where we’re all just another species

Eating, sleeping, communicating through silent, unspoken languages

No alphabets to classify gays or priests, poor or rich, pretty or ugly, fat or thin

Just some beings roaming in a big wide planet

Imagine a world with no technology

No texts and tweets, No cars to speed in

It’d be empty, it’d be hollow

Dinners will be quiet

But it’d be a comfortable kind of quiet, the quiet that’s complete

Not the technology-addicted silence we thrive on

Imagine a world with no guns or bombs

There’d be no Pearl Harbor movie to watch

But there’d also not be a million bodies laying dead in fields

There’d be people roaming the streets without fear at night

And gang fights would consists of fists and tugs not of shots and bullets

Imagine a world with no knives

There’d be whole vegetables on our plates, no slices and dices

And there’d also be eight young kids studying in the Osaka school having dinner with their families

Enjoying the whole vegetables, eating and growing to be great men and women

Imagine a world with no Facebook

We’d have nowhere to type what’s on our mind, no place to show off our latest pictures

But maybe we’d say what’s on our mind to the person in the next room

Print our pictures and send them by posts to our loved ones with a note inside

Imagine a world with no internet

We’d miss out on the daily news, we’d have hours to fill with no games to enthrall

But maybe a world without the internet wouldn’t need daily news

There’d be no murders inspired by murders watched and played

Imagine a world with no alcohol

Our Saturday nights and Friday nights would be such a bore

But a woman or two might have their sanities close, no drunken men forced above their bods

A child or two may be thankful, no daddies to hide from under the table

We are not near, not even close

And all we can do is keep imagining

While we keep inventing and destroying.


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