The Sunsilk-ret!


Beauty reflects not in the eyes but in that silky mane that sizzle under the sun rays

Designer dresses, Christian Louboutin’s or the finest gold

Perfect features, long enviable legs or eyes that mesmerize

You could have all that but they wouldn’t be complete

Without lustrous strands bouncing with your every step

So recharge your hair, recharge your life

Steal glances, and a few hearts

The road to achieve it?

It’s a Sunsilk secret you must discover.

A few reasons I’d love my hair recharged –

Bad hair days, they are a nightmare. You wake up a little late and hungover, quick bites for breakfast and then, a quick glance in the mirror and your day is doomed, fuzzy hair that won’t set, making you wish you could sit and mend it the whole day through.

An invite to a party, you buy the most flattering, dazzling dress, shoes that kill and you’re all pepped up, until you let your hair down, that’s when the world comes spiraling down. Knots that won’t undo and dullness that dampens the hours of make-up.

That cute guy in the party asked for your number. You hit it off right away and you’re on a happy high. He makes the call, you’re set for a date. Giddy with smiles and butterflies in your stomach, you shower, take out your favorite dress, feel like a pretty diva. Until you take off the towel from your hair, your nervous heart quivers with sadness, “What have I got to do with you?”, you hiss with frustration. Your heart can’t stop worrying….what if he takes those rough strands in his hands and turns away in a second.

Out with your friends for shopping. You eat at your favorite corner and look around, envy filling your heart. Filled with wishes of ‘Oh! What’d I do to have hair as beautiful’. Wishing genies and fairies were true forms that could be ushered. Well maybe, they can be. Real life fairies come in names like Sunsilk, to transform your hair with little magic potions called shampoo and conditioner. Making your hair and, your life brighter.

Dear Sunsilk, this is why I’d like to recharge my hair – because without a doubt it would, recharge my life.

This post is a part of recharge your hair, recharge your life contest by Sunsilk, hosted by

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