Independence to Rape

India Rape

On 15th August 1947, she stood proud and tall

A name of her own, a home for her people

Her very own soil she could lay rest on

Achieved through much toil and turmoil


Its 19th January 2014, another one down

A beautiful twenty-one year old, salvaged and mauled on

It’s not just now, not just today

A day ago, a child by her father

A week ago, two foreigners by beasts

A year ago, damage done to death by savages


A country to be proud of, is it not?

Did she gain Independence to freedom or Independence to rape

A brutal question but none the less real

Not a news paper is printed in whole

Without a case of a girl they tore – flesh and heart


Another one down, we say

It’s another one down

But how many more India, how many more?

How many men lie waiting for a victim of their own

How many drafting out a plan with breaths reeking of rum


Today, it could be you

Tomorrow it could be a sister, a friend, a lover

Appealing and amending is no hard task

But the Government can only do so much

Than get it into the heads of every man in India

That women are not toys to take, use and throw on roadsides

They are to be held with love, respected, and adored

It’s a country that holds some of the most beautiful women known

Each woman is a treasure, if only you’d learn to see.

enough is enough rape



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