The Way I Do


I love you like Juliet loved Romeo

Miss you like Rose missed Jack on dat cold winter night

It’s a fairytale mixed with a real tale

Of love; that’s true and here to stay

I’d be Fiona if you ever feel lost and need a strong hand to guide you home

I’d kiss you into the prince that you are

If you ever turn into a frog or the beast that the tales tell us of

I’ll be there for you if you ever get schizophrenia

And remind you everyday of our love if Alzheimer’s ever decide to steal our memories

If the cancer cells strike

I’ll make sure we have a ‘walk to remember’

If you have to leave me first

I’ll grieve but make ur memory live on forever

But most of all, I wish u’d live forever till I die…


We’l watch our children grow and love them with all we have

We’l play soccer and go for a holiday to Spain

We’ll cook their favorite dishes and watch their faces beam with joy

Then we’ll grow old together and walk side by side in parks

Attend our grandchildren’s graduation ceremonies and weddings if we make it

When the last walks been walked and the last breaths been breath

I hope I’m the one who sits by you and holds your hand

And when all else is gone

I hope they keep me beside you in the cold earth beneath

Whatever comes whatever goes

I know I’ll be happy I lived

Lived to love you…and be loved by you.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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