p.s: Of North Korea…not for the faint of heart


Discrimination, racism, cruelty,

Torture, an unfair system

We watch about them, we read of it

We face it

But we do, we do have a voice,

To shed a glow on the darkness

A voice to give hope, assurance

A voice to make known,

Call for help, for love

But don’t they, they don’t

They hold not a pen to mark their pain

Tiny whispers trailed by years of pain

In tiny rooms surrounded by thick, tall walls

They spend lives not worthy to be called a life

What we face, debate, discuss and protest on

They face with nameless expressions and wordless tears

None can be talked of their daily beatings,

Rape and torture

Where forced abortions and starvation

Have become but another lesson

For a mistake their forefathers made,

For a silent gossip uttered to a speakable ear

Their only wish, to not live to die

Digging the grave they will lay upon.

North Korean Suffering

image source – here and here

p.s: If the image is yours and you do not wish it to be used publicly, please mail me and i will take it down immediately.


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