The Words We Never Said

To Joshua Hnamte, my brother to whom i wish id said the words i never said…we miss u556151_450351681642045_1639002152_n

Free laughter, free laughter

Ringing in the air

Running with the wind

Playing with the waves

Lost in the sweet reality of our worlds

Twas yesterday and how today

The mind cannot fathom how today

You lay eternal in a bed of soil sprinkled with flowers


It was we, it was we

 Who failed to loved

Failed to let you know…

How much we’d lose if we lost you

Now ‘tis too late, ‘tis too late

You’re too deep, too far

You can’t hear the voices or see the tears

That trickle down this thoughtless soil you lay under


You were so young, too young

We could’ve set out to a brilliant future

Change a nook and corner, tie up a few lost screws

Change the world, the way we’d like to see it changed


You and I, yes, you and I

We could’ve done more than they could ever think of

Aim for the moon, reach for the skies

Knock out the tears, live for the smiles

Toiling today, painting a brighter tomorrow

O yes, you and I

We could have done it all


But now tis too late, we are too late

The merry laughter gone with the wind

The waves we played in crashed on the shores

All you left us, a wanting

For more of you

And a wish, that you would hear

The words we never said. 


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9 thoughts on “The Words We Never Said

  1. Estherlnp says:

    Finally got the strength to comment….i miss him so much and till today I questioned myself what i did not do to not have forseen it, or what i could have done to prevent it….i miss him so much….I met his friends today, and the “what if’s” button keeps replaying every 30 seconds on my mind, and the heart aches every single second it tick tock.

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