Perfume Memories

They say life isn’t forever, we should live in the moment, take chances and make the most of today, but what’s today worth without the reason you live, there next to you. 

My first memories of her were when I was three. I’d wake up in the morning and call out her name till she runs from the kitchen and hugs me. Those hugs make life worth living.

A mother’s pet, was never more apt than it was for me. They called me her tail. And who wouldn’t want to be around that angel of a human being. She’s the best any person could be, loving, kind-hearted, patient and always ready for a laugh. The unfortunate she sighted on the streets, the drunkards lying barren on roads, become fortunate when she passed by them. But, she was not only beautiful inside, she was immensely beautiful from the outside too. With curly locks of hair and pretty features that I’ve heard stole many hearts at her prime.

She smelled beautiful too, always.

I do not remember much but what I remember I keep close. At the age of six I started school, I jumped a few classes and joined first grade, I was new and lost, the teachers but treated us all the same. And she wouldn’t hear of it. Marks just around the pass limit were only what I could achieve at the first term, the teacher gave a ready spank and the next day my angel came to the classroom, talked to the teacher and explained why I still couldn’t catch up well.

Days when I went home tired from school. I was a five star guest at a humble abode. My bags carried for me, food laid in front of me, and the extra credits? Eyes filled with love right beside me and ears that were ready to hear all about my day, the friends I made, the ones I fought with, the marks I scored and the games we played.

In 2000, were the first three months I stayed apart from her since the first day we met. She had an important trip abroad and with a reluctant heart said goodbye. But she sent letters, yes she did. Each time noting, if there was anything, ANYTHING that made me uneasy, she’ll come flying back. She wrote letters to my aunts saying, I can’t imagine my precious girl being just another girl in the crowd. When she came back she promised, we’ll not part again. No hostels, no distance studies. Said she’ll always be by my side. She smelled of ripe orchids and sweet pea blossoms.

But part we did, only this time it was forever.


She’s gone but I found a way to always have her around, her favorite perfume found amidst her treasures. The perfume she saved for rare occasions, the scent she loved, the one that made the air light when she was around. It’s been fourteen years and I still keep half a bottle. She stays around, on my most important days. Her ripe orchid and sweet pea trails lingered on my graduation day as it did on my twenty first birthday, my first days of adulthood. My first day of my first job. And she’ll be there with me on my wedding day and my children’s too. Her smell will always linger with this momento filled with perfume memories.


She was the woman who got mad when I got sick. Mad with worry. She is the woman I want to talk to when the rest of my friends are speed dialing their moms to blurt out any worries over their head. She is the woman I wish I could hug everytime the skies thunder. My angel, my mother. There was never more a better angel on earth than you. 

This post is my entry for the ‘My Most Memorable Memento’ contest conducted by My Yatra Diary travel blog and Indian Coupons.”

I invite my fellow bloggers – Gaurab, Anita and George  to share their story too.


p.s: This post won the “My Most Memorable Momento’ contest. You can visit the page here. A big thank you to Arti from My Yatra Diary and Indian Coupons for this wonderful opportunity to share our mementoes and memories. Thank You 🙂


30 thoughts on “Perfume Memories

  1. Little Miss Menopause says:

    Wow. Just wow. That was exquisitely beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss. I have never thought of perfume that way before. I certainly hope my children will. Thank you very much for sharing this. I do hope you win. Your mother was simply gorgeous!

  2. Esther George says:

    Your thoughts are well expressed. Brought back tears and memories of your dear mother and of you, the little girl whom we did call, your mother’s tail. Hope your story goes a long way.

  3. princessheer says:

    Kimi, i’m at a loss of words. This is so beautiful, i had to read it again as I missed a few words as pearls were glitering my eyes. Only if I could hug you once. Am sure she is around you, hugging you every moment of life.

  4. Estherlnp says:

    Droplets of tears trails down my cheeks as I read and i let it fall….because the writer deserves every bit of my tears of appreciation 🙂 …. This one definitely deserves the prize

  5. Anita says:

    Sorry to learn of your loss, Kimi. Guess God needs His favorite angels in Heaven & calls them soon just like He did to your Mom & mine…
    But, their memories remain….I share your pain.
    We must feel strong as they are watching over us.

  6. talkitoutmayuri says:

    You paint pictures with your words!! when I read your blogs, somewhere round the corner I feel as if I am walking besides you like an invisible spectator. Beautifully written, as always!!!! :):)

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