For I Miss You, I Always Do.

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I miss you; I always do

When morning chill stings and I heed warmth

In covers; I’d trade it for your arms

When I rush through the morn

Combing, brushing, ironing and jumping corners

Catching buses to spend

A full day face-to-face with a computer

In a big, cold heartless building full of strangers

 I‘d exchange a hundred

Of these days – for one with you

 A day of shopping at the mall, tickets to the latest movie

Four hours of grinding it in the hottest club in town

The peers say is the crème de la crème

Of life’s Saturdays and Sundays 

But a road-trip with you

To a hill station

Nestled between trees of forgotten routes

Forty-eight hours with warm fires and lazy strolls

Buried inside the warmth of a rickety wooden chalet

Would be the perfect avenue

To immerse this life’s spare hours

For I miss you, I always do.



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