A Shoe Story

They say every picture has a story. The story behind these shoes has to be the most heart-wrenching. It’s been years i know but everytime you look at it you can’t help but wonder, about all the proud owners who must have walked in them.  A small tribute. 


To tread soft and warm

I bought them

My new pair of shoes


To take me to adventures beyond

I spared a few pennies

For these leather made soles


With my love we chose

The best pair

There was in the store


My first steps in them

I shall never forget

Light and happy I was

As a rabbit hopping on tender grass


They took me nigh and far

To towns and farms

Dances and parties and family repasts


When the chase began, I ran with them

And when I hid

They kept my feet warm from the icy cold


These shoes, they were

A constant companion

When friends became foes


But ne’er had I envisaged

Where their final rest shall be

Amidst rubbles of pairs alike


In a cage huddled together

A few feet from where


My ashes lay

 Never to step

On soft soles again


Image source – here and here


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