This will end and you will miss it.

This will end and you will miss it.

At seven in the morning my niece comes rolling on top of me. I slept at two the previous night and five hours of sleep is gonna have me pissy for the day. Hundreds of thoughts run in my head, where is your dad, why can’t you leave me alone, I have to work for nine hours today. And with frustration I begrudgingly sit and force a smile.

It’s Sunday evening and my four year old nephew, Nathan, is screaming. He wants to go to the park while I just want to couch in with my best friend, The Big Bang Theory. With my mobile and an earphone in hand, I tread out warily.

It’s been six months since I last saw them. Though it’s just five hours away I’m always too broke every month to make that journey to see my two best pals. Nice jeans and Zara tees taking their toll on my bank account. This time they said this time, there’s no saying no. So I book that ticket with everything I have.

We must shop today, we must shop today, my best friend wails. I’d had been away for a while and just wanted to spend every second with him. With a reluctant smile I pamper myself up to make that shopping trip we’d been planning to go since the last week.

Come home. You little sister keeps talking about you. We miss you, your empty room waits for you. I sigh; give up my freedom and cheques and Steve Madden dreams to live in a house atop a valley …?

This will end and you will miss it.

Someday my niece is going to be twenty-two years old, busy with her friends and the latest trends to check up on who is waking her aunt up.

A few years down the line, little Nathan is gonna be a hunk. Too cool to hang around with family and absorbed in games, football and the hot girls around.

The five hour trip I made gave me a new friend and memories that make my heart sink everytime I think of it. I laughed louder than I had in a few months and felt special, literally. Their eager smiles and hugs welcome me to barbeques, late night chats and long rides.

I am going home, to the house atop the valley my father built. I will miss the theatres and marching around malls like it’s my ramp. But my dad’s waiting and I love him.

Treasure the irritating moments with your kids. Take some time away from your boyfriend and spend a day with the girls, they’ll be the only ones holding you up when he breaks you to pieces. Go cross country and see those friends you haven’t seen in awhile, they remind you of who you are, and how special you really truly are. Spend every opportunity you can with your family, there are few who love you more than they.

Because this will end someday and you will miss it.



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