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I wish you loved words as much as I did

See how beautiful

When a letter conjoins a letter

In fives and sixes and sevens

I wish you’d see how magical it is

When one word is placed after another

And form lines that make the heart jingle

I wish you’d understand how

A forgotten poet’s work

Makes me wish I could freeze time

And live between those lines

I wish you knew

How blissful tis to succumb

From reality

In the rusty, crinkled pages of fantasies

How heightening to be able to pen down

The thoughts overflowing in your head

But if you did

Love words as I do

I’d never love you

Because you’d get lost too

You’d slip between those lines

And forget as I often do

That there’s a world other

Because a person who truly loves words,

Dies with words


4 thoughts on “WORDS.

  1. boon007 says:

    Where’s the LIKE button??? 😉 been following you since the Nido Tania incident… love your blogs… please keep it up… cheers…

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