Dear Chennai

Humid air, huge crowds yelling words you can’t understand a thing out of, dosa stalls in every corner, welcome to the city of Chennai. For the two years I’ve spent here, I know I spent every other week complaining about your heat and being unable to communicate, but now that I’m leaving, I’m going to miss you terribly and all the lovely people you introduced me to.

The people here, our NE features are new to them, and it often seems we have stepped in foreign land, but their hearts are truly kind. It would not be so easily possible to get lost in this city, because there are too many hands ready to guide you home.

Locked in hostels all through high school and college, you were the city that set me free. Free to wander through secret paths and discover treasures (books & clothes) in the littlest corners. You shaped me into an adult (atleast I think I am). I experienced many firsts in this wide city. In here, I learnt to travel lone by public transport, that getting lost expands your horizon, that trains and buses are the biggest blessings. I learnt to make my body stay awake from 9 to 5 (not always ), to form opinions, to have a mind amidst the smart people that surround you.

My best days with you were throwing time away in nooks of dusty street corners. That bookstore in Kodambakkam,set between a pan shop and chips stall I went to every Saturday. Where that kind uncle would let me score through all the books one by one, while I end up only picking up about two at a bargain of forty rupees. The biggest treat is getting down at the train station in Nungambakkam, walking towards the share-auto stand, stopping at the ten rupees stall to pick up some useless stuff because they are just so cheap, and then checking out the book store next to it filled with books in boxes categorized to meet your budget, whether you are carrying a worn out ten rupee note or a fresh thousand rupee note, you’ll find something to take home.

I’ll miss the most of all, Besant Nagar, the little haven to unwind on a hectic day. Getting perched at Barista with a good book while enjoying a drink and just staring at the endless blue sea. Followed by some yum beach side corn roasts, kaccha mangoes sprinkled with red chilli powder and of course, the crisp mouth savoring fishes. Ending with a visit to Fast Fashion, the heaven to meet your export surplus thirsts. That sums up a perfect day at Chennai.

My first job, here at Mobius. The exhilarating feeling of the first pay in your hands. Having samosas and hot drinks on dusky evenings at 4 pm breaks. Maybe the best and I have to mention, prettiest people were put together in one place, because that’s what it felt like in my team at Mobius Knowledge services. I’ve learned here that you can never learn enough.

Thank you for the fun, the experiences, the memories, to all my colleagues, Hema – the motherly care, Durga – the concerned love, Shanthipriya – sweet smile and silent support, Suganya – talking, talking, talking about our VIP’s, Poonuvium – Pondy(says it all), Parkavi – the best team lead ever – hands down, Sharanya – for all that you are I love you lots, Anne – I’ll never forget our fiery chats. The Otty trip people, Dinesh, Chandru, Karthik, the photographs couldn’t capture the fun we had (and remember what happens in Ooty, stays in Ooty).

The quiet yet helpful SEO guys, Ganesh, Arun, Karthik, Binesh. The kind managers, Jithesh and Sendil.
I’m going to miss each and every one of you.

And to Chennai, each day, without realizing, you have become my city. The cycle goes like this – working, working, working, going home to my brother’s adorable young ones, making the most out of every hour at weekends, travelling when there’s even a one day holiday to Bangalore to see the guys, to Ooty to feel the cold, to Pondy to unwind, to Kerela for a marriage. Getting sulky when coming back to office. Hating everyone, then getting back in the mood with Sudeepthi’s sarcasm and Kushel’s never ending lists of questions and bar jokes.

And of course, the unplanned dates with the loveliest girl I’ve met, Indu, who will hoard you with gifts till her card runs dry. Of mindless conversations and lots of bitchery in Vivanta and Zha café where time runs away. Shalini, you were like an elder sister, always looking out for me, a pretty elder sister of course. Sheela, if ever soulmates exist, you were one of mine, I love you and you deserve all the love in this world. Sudeepthi, could there exist a kinder person than you on this earth? Khushel, I don’t know which planet you came from but you are made of pure stuff, stay the same. Don, what would Chennai be without you? I can’t imagine.

I hope you, Shalini, Sheela, Indu, Khushel, Don and Sudeepthi know, that you introduced me to the fun of being in the twenties and gave me crazy memories I’ll cherish forever. I love you all.

I’ll never forget you, Chennai nor your bright city lights nor your spicy biryani’s.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Chennai

  1. Indu says:

    Words are failing me to express how i feel after reading your blog.. love you…. n stay fun.. lets “Blend” soon…miss u….

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