Penniless Love :)

Love Photography Wallpaper For Desktop Background 13 HD Wallpapers

Let’s get poor together

Let’s build our lives

On nothing but each other

We’ll make a living out of shadow tinted memories

Work crazy shifts when we feel like it

Or dig the soil, do a little gardening

Eat our half grown plants

And go hungry once in a while

We won’t need no discotheques

Your arms and the tape recorder playing our song

Will get us through the night

Let’s throw away our phones

Write letters and short notes

That come with tiffin boxes and get pinned up on the wall

That come in the mailbox with an address and a ton of effort

Lets build a future with a piggybank

Throw in a coin everyday for what comes later

And get lost in each other for the moment

Let’s fight because we make a mess out our lives

Let’s quarrel because we spend all we have on nothing we need

And when we can’t take the silence any longer

Let’s hug till our bodies ache

Let’s build up something today though we don’t know what’s ringing tomorrow

Because there’s that risk that right now may be our last

And because we know…

That when it’s all come and gone

There’s nothing worth more than our love

So let’s get poor together

Because even if we are on our last few coins

Your smile still makes me feel like the richest girl on this planet.

image source – here and here


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