End of Story

I am a girl in my 20’s. Just a Mizo University student who happened to write an article on Lalthanzara and interviewed M Rajshekhar, the journalist from Scroll.in who highlighted the former’s unfair acts. I am just a Mizo girl who was proud to see a sort of uprising against corruption, maybe a little less so because the truth was censored from a person out of the state, but still, proud. Just a Mizo youth, who like every other around me, thought well maybe, change is coming.

Just a short reminder, Lalthanzara, the man who was allotted 476,000 shares of the Sunshine Overseas company. He held these shares for three years. In these three years, the profit of the company rose from 8.5 lakhs to 96 lakhs because of business being good between the company and Mizoram PWD. Something he said he came to know of only after it was published in Scroll.in. Maybe because of his busy tenure serving the best interest of the state, Lalthanzara forgot that shares can only be handed out to one who has submitted a share application form.

What was wrong about this? Nothing much, just that he violated an India’s Representation of People Act, 1951. According to which Section 9A disqualifies persons with contracts with the government from becoming members of legislature. Or maybe this is not plain to see, Lalthanzara was taking cash in heaps because the Mizoram government gave contracts to a company where he held shares while, our local contractors were at their office playing dus patta. And here we are wondering where all our jobs have gone. or maybe not.

Lalthanzara violated the Representation of People Act, 1951 TWICE or in TWO WAYS. Elected representatives are FORBIDDEN from entering into trade and business contract with the government. But this man also owned a company called HP Food Products which supplied high-protein biscuits to the state government between 2010 to 2014. Some biscuits that were made a part of the mid-day meal programme.

Why am I writing about all this? Because we are in the markets and offices going about our daily work. It seems all fine that this Lalthanzara person got the most votes in the by election just a few wee months after we saw all his corrupt antics. 6175 people voted for him. And it seems fine to them so fine for all of us. Who cares about truth and justice and all that shit?

On a positive note, maybe we just stop pretending to fight corruption? We the corrupt, for the corrupt, by the corrupt better defines us Indians. Because, hey, we like money. We are up at podiums shouting about justice, having heated arguments with peers about how corruption is taking over the state. But we cannot survive if we don’t have the notes for our children to have their bikes and cars and smartphones and the best quality education. Maybe just one building, four-storey. We don’t like corruption, we just like the money. so let’s all take a moment of silence and stop pretending that we are fighting for good. That we want development. We just want an NLUP and some money to start a shop, it doesn’t matter if the road to Chawngte is filled with sand or stones, a little cash and it’s all gooood.

I don’t know much of politics but i know this, we are just people pretending to be at war for something we absolutely do not want to fight about. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Breakfast on the table and a car to office, and its all fine. The world is beautiful, serene. Oh, look at that sunset, this state is the best. Look at this money, Congress is the best.

I am a girl in my 20’s. Just a student who always dreamed about being a journalist. Not for anything but to be a voice of the people, to maybe right some wrongs. To help bring change. To fight for truth.

But it seems clear now, we don’t need a voice, we have it. Loud and clear, and its screaming, Money, Power. Money, Power.

End of Story.


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