Boihi, no, not him, look at him, he looks so rowdy
Mate, he’s a drug addict, he is not human
Mami, that guy is so cunning, you shouldn’t spend your life with him
oh, he’s had a girl younger than him
Don’t you know he’s got a kid from a previous wife?
Your love is too precious for someone like that, a flirt, with an ancestor of flirts
See, he doesn’t even go to church, let alone take part in KTP
He won’t be good for you, he’s never active in the society programs
Don’t you know how many girlfriends he’s had?
People say that guy is something like the devil, evil to look at and evil from the heart
You know, his father left his mother for another woman, you can’t trust his son either
He drinks alcohol, you have made the worst decision of your life
I heard the neighbors say his mother has a close male friend

So darling, what if only the good were supposed to be loved, and only by the good, would any of us be loved? Even the criminal with the highest count of felonies, with triple life sentences, will have been loved and may be loved still. And why not? Maybe you have fallen for someone who’s by the books, smart and kind. Good for you. Or maybe you have fallen for someone a little insane, a murderer, an addict, a lost soul. Every flick of their eyes somehow brings joy to your life, and darling, don’t you feel bad for that. For some, life’s purpose may be to spend life with a gentle man, for some, it may be to spend their life with the most cunning man in town. And if we do love them, we are inbuilt with the ability to fight through life with them. To balance their wrongs, to uplift their lows. so darling come what may – love fearlessly, like it was your life’s purpose.

image source – here


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