hello there.

(a reunion of lovers after death)

Hello there– my love, its been a long time,

I remember your teary face being the last I’d seen

In that moment, the only thought in my mind was the day I would see you again


I left at 30 but you grew to be 75

I hope you walked the paths we had planned on walking together

And though I pray you were happy doing it, I like to believe you remembered me


Of all the years you lived I could only be a part of three

With a hopeless hope, I hope somehow it was enough

That my love kept you warm till your last breath


Now we meet again and I see you are even more beautiful

I would hold you now but I fear – would my hug would still mean the same to you?

You know your eyes still take my breath away


I do not know what beautiful tales filled your life after I was gone

And maybe now your heart is owned

But I hope you remember that you were my last thought and in my final breath, the one true holder of my heart


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