a cola tale.


You meet on a sunny day in June, drink a cola on the sidewalk and click your footsteps in unison. A fairytale day or a movie set? The wind blows just perfect, the sun shines just enough. Walking next to you with a cola in hand is a smile that’s the warmth of a thousand winter fires in one, that envelops you with glee from the ice cold outsides. How’d you get so lucky?

Maybe your time had come ~ maybe the universe decided that this moment is it, what every step you’d taken from the day you took the first was meant to lead you to. This is where Marshall meets the mother. Your life is finally on the brink of the good stuff after 9 seasons of horrendous, crazy mishaps.

And when the first second rolls into hours and months pass by, to your great horror, you realize your souls meet perfectly. Wait, is that even possible? Your every thought aligns and conjuncts and preposits in perfect disharmony. A word uttered leads to a day’s conversation, to the nights hours passed in a wink.

But when months add to months, somewhere is a defect in your being for an antediluvian decision gone awry. And sometime around there, you’re not it anymore. You were never it. You were just an illusion painted on a sunny day in June with Cola drinks adding the perfect flavor and your footsteps clicking in unison to a sound of music that could only be heard, not composed.

And that is when you realize, you were just an illusion, a perfect cola memory created before you came to be.


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