Tell Me….

sad girl

Tell me whats on your mind

Pour it out to my ears and I’ll listen with my heart

Tell me whats been bothering you lately

Scream it out if you need to nd ill hold u close, As close as I can, to let the warmth of my love flow to you

 Tell me why you’re so near yet so far away

Tell me why the tears come rolling out

Like a lullaby, putting you to sleep at night

Ill chase the reasons, kick and fight the world for you

For one less tear

Tell me what are these memories that haunt you

That make you repel love and its songs

I wont steal them away from you

but try and give you new ones that’ll make your dreams better

Tell me why you drift away in the middle of conversations, from the chaos of the party

Let me take you back here where you belong, to this moment, to now

Tell me why you try to be so strong when you’re breaking inside

I’ll love you whether you’re crying your mascara away or laughing so much you weep

Tell me of your deepest fears, your wandering thoughts, your daydreams

I’ll listen to them all night long or all my life, if ul let me

Tell me what I can do to make you open your heart …

Ill  discard my phone, disconnect the TV cable, disconnect the world

Sing a song for you, dance in the middle of the street

If you’ll just let me see inside of you; If you’ll let me in your world

Coz only then would I see the heart I love

And maybe then you could give me a chance,

Clear a little space in yours for me.



A Request To You

A  Request To You

Spend a day with me
Doing nothing;
Wandering to no direction
Getting lost in the curves of the road
And finding new hidden treasures of the city

Spend a day with me
Browsing through books at a dusty second-hand book store
We’ll pick some and sit and read it for hours
In a cozy coffee shop, till they close it down

Spend an afternoon with me
Feeling the sand on your toes
The wind on your hair
And taking in the beauty of the vast blue ocean at a stranded beach
We’ll sit quiet listening to our favorite songs and drift away from here

Spend a night with me
Out on a park, lying in the lush green grass
Staring out at the stars
let’s talk about how small we are to the vast big universe
Let’s talk about creatures that might be living in those pretty stars
And make plans to travel there one day
Just you and I

Spend a night with me
Just talking…and talking
Ill hoard u with questions about your life
And u can listen to some of mine
We could include a little cuddling too

Spend a day with me
Just doing nothing
Just being you
Just being me
Just being us
Just living each second coz it’s ours to live.