but baby.

can’t you see he’s a scarred man in and out?
eyes empty as his stories,
look closer, he is pain in its purest form-

on most days I remember you, a few hours I escape you
they say you a killer, a murderer of hearts
they won’t let me get near

you see everytime he comes around, he paints the town black
blood cold hands, black stone heart
a cobble path of shame is what he’s made of

but baby, you are beautiful to me

they say you a man gone rogue
I, just another destination in your map
and you got more souls to take

he got no heart, no words of life
his music are the cries of the world
all he ever means is harm

but baby, you are beautiful to me

i will take your blood cold hands and warm them in the embers of my soul
hold your broken in my arms and show you the light of dawn
stain your scars red with my lips

because baby, you are beautiful to me

you may need to quench your thirst for annihilation
but even the most insane are born to be cradled at dusk
so i will build you a home to come when you are weary

because baby, at your darkest hours, in your most horrific thoughts
and blood stained memories – you will always be beautiful to me

hello there.

(a reunion of lovers after death)

Hello there– my love, its been a long time,

I remember your teary face being the last I’d seen

In that moment, the only thought in my mind was the day I would see you again


I left at 30 but you grew to be 75

I hope you walked the paths we had planned on walking together

And though I pray you were happy doing it, I like to believe you remembered me


Of all the years you lived I could only be a part of three

With a hopeless hope, I hope somehow it was enough

That my love kept you warm till your last breath


Now we meet again and I see you are even more beautiful

I would hold you now but I fear – would my hug would still mean the same to you?

You know your eyes still take my breath away


I do not know what beautiful tales filled your life after I was gone

And maybe now your heart is owned

But I hope you remember that you were my last thought and in my final breath, the one true holder of my heart