That Mizo Girl

(a dedication to all fellow mizo girls…stay proud!)
mizo girl traditional dress

As tough as a rock

She keeps her head held high and will never let u see her tears

She’s climbed mountains, walked miles, caught buses, missed trains

She’s walked unknown paths, gotten lost to find new ones

She’s a survivor, born to be one from the very first steps

She’ll cry with you when you’re in pain 

But shuns hers like it never was

Succumbing to illnesses and complains of physical ailments

Are signs of greatest weakness to her

Who has been taught that no pain is greater than shame

She’s as hot as a blazing fire; with confidence and wit that surpasses her peers

But has a heart of ice, turned cold from years of practice

She loves beautifully but hates like she was born to do it when required

She may swallow her pride for her rights but will fight like a lion when it comes to the rights of her people

She has her own beliefs, sets her rules, with a stubborn heart that will stand for what she thinks is right

But is also the owner of a heart as soft and giving

She’s a hustler when needs be, but as classy as Coco in her Chanel once she puts on her heels

She may show the other cheek when you cause her pain but she won’t let you be if you cast a hand on her family

Her laughter sounds like brooks cascading down a waterfall, her eyes mesmerize even the stoniest of hearts, she’s beautiful

And she can steal your heart as quickly as she can break it

Play games with her and she’ll show you who’s queen

But if you catch hold of her heart, never let go

Cause she’s a keeper for the one who deserves it

You can throw words and arrows at her

Trample her heart, walk all over her thoughts

But she’ll always rise again, stronger than ever

Cause she’s a born survivor, a warrior at heart

She’s that Mizo girl you just passed by on the street.


(Art drawn by – Masseu)


A Fragile Life

ImageJust yesterday, May 11, 2013 in the early morning hours, mother earth gave away to one its dreadful natural disasters causing eleven beautiful people to lose their lives in Aizawl, Mizoram. Young lives ready to see the future, young moms looking forward to see their child grow, all gone in minutes.

I can just imagine the people going about their daily lives, some eating their breakfast, some watching tv, some chatting away with their family, some soundly sleeping and without warning, their life gives away to mother natures fury.

If you’ve watched The Impossible, you’ll remember how the people were sitting by the side of the pool, relaxing, enjoying the perfect vacation. One minute the skies are clear, the waters blue, all is peaceful and the next minute, theres water hurling from every direction, taking lives and homes with it.

That’s how fragile life is, we have not an ounce of control over it. If you were to die today, are you ready? Have you been a blessing to the people around you? Have you touched any lives? Brought smiles to the faces of those around you? Have you helped anyone to live a better life? Have you let the people around you know that you love them?

Most importantly, are you ready to face your God?