The Society’s Eyes


At age ten you are shopping with your mom for a new toy, what are the first few things you look out for – does it have a defect, is it brand new, does it function as expected, do people envy the toy, is it the star of the toy store lot, is it made by an esteemed toy brand, will your family and friends approve your purchase, will it serve you well?

At age twenty six you inform your parents you are looking for a spouse, what are the first few things you look out for – does he/she have a defect, do people envy her, do people look upto him, is he or she the star of the single lot, is he or she from an esteemed family, will people approve, will he or she serve you well?

To elaborate, does he have a well-paid government job, does he have a respectable family free from illness, safe from the reaches of drug addiction, a family of sizeable income, does he have land, does he serve good in the YMA. And if he is an MCS approved candidate, well, enough said.

Again to elaborate, does she cook, does she work, does she come from a broken family, does she sweep well, does she go to funeral homes, does she attend all the services of the church, does she color her hair, does she wear shorts, has she had boyfriends, is she willing to serve the clan all the days of her life?

Its not a matter of feminism, not a matter of equality, its a matter of humanity. We have become so used to looking through the eyes of the society, we have lost sight of whats valuable in our own eyes. We have stopped looking at people as persons but rather as caricatures. A shell waiting to be filled with expectations that has been defined by society with the passing of time.

We talk so much of love, romance, we cry with tearful Korean scenes, but in the end what gets us head over heels is beyond the reaches of romance, beyond humanity’s grasp.

Its a state thats proud to boast of a cent percent Christian population. Christianity – the religion that’s love itself.  Now, where is that love – is it disappearing in the loud voices of our prayers, is it getting lost between the scriptures we shout out in the microphone, is it stuck somewhere in one of the aisles of the church. Hasn’t it found a way to our hearts?

When will we stop our hmeithai jokes, when will a woman be looked beyond her house management skills to be termed a good wife, when will a man be respected for a good heart not his job status. When will we stop tracing the ancestral roots of a person to find out what kind of a person they might be now. When Mizoram, When?

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that very second.

Even though we just met, it feels like you’re already mine. Like you always have been. Like you were always meant to be. And maybe it’s a tryst of fate, maybe its destiny, maybe its karma, maybe it’s just a right turn of events. The right word said at the right time followed with the right move but I am so glad, I was seated at that bench that beautiful Sunday afternoon when I came across your lovely soul. And I believe that was just where I was meant to be in this lifetime’s turn of events, at that particular month, at that day, at that hour, that very second when my eyes caught yours.

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