that very second.

Even though we just met, it feels like you’re already mine. Like you always have been. Like you were always meant to be. And maybe it’s a tryst of fate, maybe its destiny, maybe its karma, maybe it’s just a right turn of events. The right word said at the right time followed with the right move but I am so glad, I was seated at that bench that beautiful Sunday afternoon when I came across your lovely soul. And I believe that was just where I was meant to be in this lifetime’s turn of events, at that particular month, at that day, at that hour, that very second when my eyes caught yours.

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My Lovely You.


They say we are alike – me and you

The way we walk, the way we move our fingers

The hunched way we sit, the way our front hair curls around the forehead

The light in our eyes when we smile, our unhurried clumsy movements

And it makes me happy

Because even though we couldn’t share this life together

We share similarities in genes and smiles

Similarities that show I am of you

You, my lovely you

I miss you