a place for you.

in a lonely park in Australia’s wild
amidst the dense of the African jungle
On a bench in New York City’s sky-rise
on a well-trodden path in Kashmir’s green valley
at a cafe tucked away between a set of stairs in France
Under pink blossoms at a street in Japan
At a stranded lonely white beach island in Philippines
In the hub of the heat at a hand-carved temple in Mahabalipuram
there’s a place for you,
for your safe arrival. tumblr_nrn47jvny31u6ewdco1_1280

image – here

Not Him

it was not

not him she fell for

but the way he came alive

through alpha-bets

how his aching soul found solace

in white sheets

how merrily he moved images

through lost poetry

how he lived a hundred tales

through a lone pen

she fell for she knew

even if life grabbed him by the loins

he would leave her with words

that would love her for eternity

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