About (skip it)

Random things about me you might be better off not reading

Warning: A weirdo who likes to refer herself in third person sometimes



  1. I write to put some numbers in my bank account (i.e. content writing). And also coz it sets me free.
  2. A patriot at heart who doesn’t mind nailing down to the ground – anyone who looks down on or talks ill of her people
  3. A romantic who denies it
  4. A person who wishes each year had 60 months – im not ageing over 18 ever
  5. An old soul who hates technology and cringes with each new invention(cringing ;<)
  6. Wishes she lived in an era where letters were the only means of communication and also because she wishes to wear dresses that open up like umbrellas
  7. Lives in books and music
  8. Loves fashion but fails at nailing it
  9. Wishes she’ll grow taller, leaner and have a sharp nose – the world’s epitome of perfect but realizes that she’ll never change so doesn’t care anymore (tries not to care)
  10. A cliché Twilight, bows, sparkles and all things pink fan
  11. Family comes first especially when she’s broke
  12.  Given up on love but will make a great(cool) mom someday
  13. Is good at falling in love with the wrong person and replacing them with another wrong person, the cycle goes on and on
  14. Favorite things are hot showers, rainy days with korean movies, finding great treasures at prices her card can swallow, Chinese food, gooseberry, karaoke-ing to the top of her lungs whenever she’s alone
  15. Hate – is a strong word. Don’t like hating.
  16. Believes that every person in this world has good in them and will fight to find it with whomever she meets
  17. Adventurous at times
  18. Could travel her whole life and not feel lost
  19. Doesn’t mind getting lost at times coz she has realized that lost roads sometimes lead you to the right places (yes, I read that somewhere)
  20. Self-proclaimed independent though her family won’t agree
  21.  Believes that lovin’ herself is more satisfying than any love she’d ever get i.e a little selfish but for the right reasons
  22. Thinks she’s great at dancing though the people around her don’t often agree
  23. A typical 20 something who doesn’t know where she’s heading but doesn’t care so much(not yet)
  24. Wishes to fall in love with a member of a rock band someday coz Patti Hensen (her name says it all)
  25. Also wishes collecting shoes was a profession with no retirement
  26. Enjoys making lists and doesn’t know when to stop.
  27. Stopped coz I love the number 27. Happy to have you 😉



23 thoughts on “About (skip it)

  1. Gaurab says:

    I actually write the common things I share with the bloggers when I comment on their about page for first time but interestingly, 27 is my favorite number. I was born on his day (that’s too obvious 😉 ). Wishing you a great year ahead. 🙂 Thanks for following. 😀

  2. Little Miss Menopause says:

    Hey there – -so glad you commented on my About page as it gave me the idea to start reading others as well….starting with yours! I was under the impression that most people skipped over this stuff. I love yours. I really get a sense of who you are and I am excited to follow your blog. Thanks again!

  3. ashadeofpen says:

    i love weirdness.. I ma really weird and weirdly enough i love you thanks to your bio.. don’t be creeped out.. despite bein’ weird, i am not weirdly creepy or so i choose to believe

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