Not Him

it was not

not him she fell for

but the way he came alive

through alpha-bets

how his aching soul found solace

in white sheets

how merrily he moved images

through lost poetry

how he lived a hundred tales

through a lone pen

she fell for she knew

even if life grabbed him by the loins

he would leave her with words

that would love her for eternity

image – here


An Auroville State of Mind

Around 150 kilometres away from Chennai, hidden between tall banyan trees and lush greenery lies a little haven called the Sharnga Guest House. In here you are welcome to forget the traffic, the pollution, the stress load of deadlines, forget the broken promises and corrupt vows, leave it all behind and let the power of nature take over.

Here, the luxuries of life are shadowed over by the luxuries Mother Nature has to offer. The AC will be a far sight away but the cool winds of the night will sway you to sleep. You may have to miss your favorite TV serials and latest cricket or football matches, because your ears will only be treated to the sounds of animals communicating in beautiful tones and tunes, reminding you that selfish human beings are not the only species left on this planet.

park here…


get down and dusty in the sandy trails…

here is a quick tour of your rest for the night –

the reception area where you can inquire and acquire your needs

stacked with a little collection of books….if you’d like to experiment how the quiet of the woods blends so well with the prints of a page

the doors to your resting place…

..painted in shades of green

u are welcome to lay here for a little while….

or have a quiet tea time in these rickety chairs

now where is that book uve been meaning to read….?

care for a little cycling down those sandy trails we passed by earlier?

an ATV would suffice..

or…u could just explore some of the hidden treasures around…

let these pictures speak for themselves?

Don’t miss the sight of the small lonely Buddha meditating high up there…

or this colorful one perched in the corner…

shiny & colorful “water storer’s”


aquarium guarded by God’s!

lone chairs and red walls…should be a thing 🙂

a house amidst trees…

cottages…that make u dream…

it’s getting a little hot here…anyone in for a dip at the pool?

dive in…

have a splashing good time and do the crocodile eyes..

and oh…take some selfies!

now we’re tired…who’s hungry? I am!

n while waiting for the food….take note of those details around you –

a natural television..

then join in the meal…pastas…

to be continued…:)